Laci Ferno is an up and coming female racecar driver, and your company/organization can benefit in many different ways by partnering with Laci. With multiple different partnership packages, there is many different ways your company/organization can get involved.

We currently have partnership opportunities for our micro sprint car, Laci's social media, and a national midget car.

  • Your company colors and design choice

  • Your logo on the racecar/trailer

  • Logo on Laci’s suit and helmet

  • Hero card fan handouts

  • Personal appearances

  • Laci becomes an extension of your sales and marketing team*

  • Your logo and car design on merchandise*

  • Press releases about your involvement

  • Extensive social media and website positioning

  • Mentions in Victory Lane and interviews (ex. My Lucas Oil Products racecar was…)


All packages are customizable and tailored to fit your company perfectly!

***Marketing Packets available upon request