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2023 Recap!

I am pretty late with this but 2023 was an eventful year. I kicked off the year with an exciting announcement about me racing a midget nationally, a dream I have had for multiple years. This gave me the opportunity to race beyond NC for the first time, making my debut at Humboldt Speedway (KS), climbing from 21st to 12th in the A-main. The journey continued through 81 Speedway (KS), Macon Speedway (IL), Lincoln Speedway (IL), Doe Run Raceway (MO), and SIR (IL). It was a learning process, but I gained some valuable experience that will always stick with me. Thank you Abacus Racing for the opportunity!

Over the summer, I stayed in Indy. I had an absolute blast exploring a new area, meeting awesome people, and experiencing all the build-up to the Indy500. When I was back home in NC, I was usually at a race watching or crew-chiefing for one of my good friends, Ryan Repko. I also ran a micro-sprint for the first time in almost a year at Millbridge Speedway, filling in for Caleb Scarbrough.

Near the end of the year, I began my transition to asphalt racing. In October, I tested a late model for the first time and since then I have been testing more and more gaining valuable experience. Testing a late model has been so much fun and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I cannot thank everyone who supported me in 2023 enough, I truly appreciate all of my partners. We are ready to make 2024 our year! 🏁🏎️💨

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